GDP Growth


Despite a stronger than expected GDP report, we are still not back to pre-covid numbers. Read Q3 GDP Article

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Bond Defaults


Does your advisor understand what happens when excess borrowing driven by near zero interest rates meets an economic slowdown? If you want to understand the risks in your bond funds and ETFs call King Harbor to discuss. Read Bond Defaults

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Long Term Optimism?


New businesses are being formed at the fastest pace since 2006, which is how far back this government data set goes. Entrepreneurs see opportunity in the economic chaos created by the pandemic. This is a positive sign for the US economy. Economic actors are optimistic about their long-term prospects. Read New Businesses

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Infinite QE


In layman's terms, the Federal Reserve will print money to allow the US government to spend as much as it wants. In the past, unconstrained government spending led to higher interest rates. This story fits nicely with Redondo Beach's King Harbor's investment view: too much debt, fiat money and long-term inflation. Read Infinte QE Story [...]

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The US Dollar


The long-term outlook for the US dollar is vital to understanding the price of nearly every asset. The strength of the dollar is one of the many prices Redondo's King Harbor monitors daily. Read US Dollar Stoty

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With central banks flooding the globe with fiat money, it is understandable to expect an uptick in inflation. However, global core CPI and negative interest rates suggest we have some time before we fear inflation. Redondo Beach's King Harbor Wealth Management would to to discuss how to position your portfolio. Read CNBC Article on Inflation [...]

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