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At King Harbor, we don’t make predictions or forecasts. Studies have shown that the forecasting records of strategists and analysts are dismal. They tend to be overly optimistic and prone to significant errors as the economy declines.

Using a Goals-Based Wealth Management approach we identify your financial goals, estimate their costs, and assemble a portfolio of investments most likely to achieve them.

Our portfolios are based on factors that reward investors who are disciplined and patient. Based on well-established academic research, these “tilt factors” increase returns over time. Additionally, our portfolios contain low-cost investment vehicles such as ETFs to boost portfolio returns. Where appropriate, we recommend alternative investments such as private equity, real estate and hedge fund strategies.

Lawrence Pereira

Lawrence Pereira


During his nearly thirty-year career, Mr. Pereira has experienced all types of market conditions. Lawrence started in New York City where he worked for Wall Street firms such as EF Hutton, Merrill Lynch and Citibank. He was also an Economist at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and was Chief Economist at one of the country’s most influential real estate lobbying groups, the Real Estate Board of New York.

Previously, Lawrence worked at Seagate Global Advisors, an investment firm that specializes in global macro investing. At Seagate, Mr. Pereira held various positions including Director of Investment Research, Director of Risk Management and Portfolio Manager.

Over the years, Lawrence has traded billions of dollars of equities, fixed income securities, commodities and derivatives. He has analyzed and invested in private equity deals, real estate transactions and hedge funds.

Mr. Pereira received a BA in Economics from Fordham University and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. He studied Eastern European Studies at the Austro-American Institute in Vienna, Austria and completed the course work for the Masters in Economics program at New York University.

Lawrence holds a Series 24 Principal Supervisors License, as well as a Series 3 (Commodities), Series 7, Series 63 and 66 license (Registered Investment Advisor).

Mr. Pereira’s broker-dealer licenses are held at a broker-dealer firm that is not affiliated with Capital Markets IQ, LLC.


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Capital Markets IQ, LLC (CMIQ) is a SEC registered investment advisor. Their team supports financial advisors in Los Angeles and around the United States. They are dedicated to supporting King Harbor’s operational needs and their compliance department ensures all security laws and rules are followed. They provide the back office support that allows King Harbor’s clients to receive the best-in-class customer service