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Ensure Your Future With Financial Risk Assessment

Riskalyze is an award-winning risk engineering technology. Built on a Nobel Prize-awarded framework, this financial risk assessment tool quantifies your Risk Number and aligns this with your portfolio. Riskalyze helps our financial advisors align your portfolio with investment milestones and long-term goals.



The Client Dashboard allows you the freedom to update an individualized risk number, check balances and progress goals along the way. If the account setting is on Autopilot, you can update goals and even request changes to the investment process.

Data Sharing allows the advisors and staff on the client’s team to all be on the same page concerning any changes to the client’s portfolio.

Asset Sync allows outside assets from thousands of institutions, including the client’s 401K to sync and display if prospects are investing optimally.

Retirement Plans can utilize the financial risk assessment number to match up with a multitude of 401K, or Simple IRA plans to ensure the right selections are working for you.


Utilizing financial risk assessment through Riskalyze, you can take the guesswork out of your financial future. It all starts with a 5-minute quiz to determine your personalized risk number. A review of current investments supported by the crafting of a portfolio to include personal preferences and priorities result in the final proposed collection showing potential gains and losses expected over time.