Infinite QE


In layman's terms, the Federal Reserve will print money to allow the US government to spend as much as it wants. In the past, unconstrained government spending led to higher interest rates. This story fits nicely with Redondo Beach's King Harbor's investment view: too much debt, fiat money and long-term inflation. Read Infinte QE Story [...]

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The US Dollar


The long-term outlook for the US dollar is vital to understanding the price of nearly every asset. The strength of the dollar is one of the many prices Redondo's King Harbor monitors daily. Read US Dollar Stoty

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With central banks flooding the globe with fiat money, it is understandable to expect an uptick in inflation. However, global core CPI and negative interest rates suggest we have some time before we fear inflation. Redondo Beach's King Harbor Wealth Management would to to discuss how to position your portfolio. Read CNBC Article on Inflation [...]


California home sales retreat in June


Despite lower mortgage rates, housing starts and building permits declined in June. Los Angeles area home sales declined 12.6%. Housing data is just another economic indicator showing weakness. We increased our wealth advisor client's fixed income allocation months ago, before the increase in bond prices. Read About California Real Estate

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Time to Buy Gold?


As an independent financial advisor in Redondo Beach, King Harbor is free to recommend alternative investments. We feel strongly that every portfolio should own gold. Central banks are working hard to debase their currencies and keep interest rates low. This is the perfect backdrop for gold to perform strongly. Call us to discuss the proper [...]

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King Harbor Wealth Management Launches in South Bay for Individuals, Families, and Companies Seeking Financial Success


Redondo Beach, CA: Investment industry veteran and former hedge fund Trader and Director of Risk Management, Lawrence Pereira, has launched King Harbor Wealth Management (KHWM), a boutique investment advisory firm located in Redondo Beach. KHWM helps individuals, families, and companies navigate the complicated world of investments. Pereira founded KHWM because he believes that individual investors [...]

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