Redondo Beach, CA: Investment industry veteran and former hedge fund Trader and Director of Risk Management, Lawrence Pereira, has launched King Harbor Wealth Management (KHWM), a boutique investment advisory firm located in Redondo Beach. KHWM helps individuals, families, and companies navigate the complicated world of investments. Pereira founded KHWM because he believes that individual investors can benefit from the same strategies and investment processes large institutions and sophisticated funds use to manage their portfolios.

“One must have a disciplined goal, a risk-based investment strategy and an understanding of where we are in the investment cycle,” says Pereira. “For nearly a decade, we have seen a bull market take equity markets to all-time highs. Most investors are too complacent and underestimate the risks in their portfolios. Now is a good time to reevaluate portfolios. I am thrilled to be able to utilize my institutional experience to help others make the most of their investments.”

Founder Lawrence Pereira has 20 years of institutional investment experience with an unblemished regulatory record. As a boutique firm, KHWM is committed to providing top-notch, personalized service to a select group of clients.

Services provided by KHWM include:

● Investment Management
● 401k Recommendations
● Retirement Planning
● Estate Planning
● Tax Planning
● Wills, Health Proxies, and Power of Attorney

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About King Harbor Wealth Management:
King Harbor Wealth Management (KHWM) is a boutique wealth management business committed to providing superior service to a small group of clients. KHWM caters to clients seeking a long-term relationship and who value expertise with a disciplined, conservative approach to investing. Founder and Principal Lawrence Pereira has over 20 years of award winning institutional investment experience, with an unblemished regulatory record. KHWM is located in Redondo Beach, California. For more information, call 424-757-6620 or visit:

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Lawrence Pereira
King Harbor Wealth Management